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Introducing Players to Severed Genesis

Posted by Bob on February 23, 2013
We introduced two groups of players to the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting this past week. We figured that the best way to introduce the setting was with a game, so myself and our friend Hermon decided to tell two different stories. This will give us an opportunity to introduce several new monsters (and…

Meet and Greet with Players

Posted by admin on February 5, 2013
Tonight, we get to introduce the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting to a group of roleplayers (both experienced and inexperienced) at the Fulton County Public Library in Rochester, Indiana. Our friend, Mike Rogers, is an employee with the library and has actually been a part of Severed Genesis since the…

The Gods

Posted by admin on February 4, 2013
One common thread shared by all of the gods is that they are trapped on the world of Alwa after the cataclysmic event known as the Severing. Unlike other campaign settings, in Severed Genesis, the gods (and mortals, for that matter) have truly been severed from the outer planes. They have been forced to…

Rebooting the Setting

Posted by admin on January 28, 2013
So, it has been awhile since I last posted on the Severed Genesis website. Ironically, my regular job as a web designer has prevented me from creating any content for this site. On the bright side, I've been working with the setting's artist in continuing to create more creatures and amazing landscapes. In…

An Evolving World

Posted by Bob on September 11, 2012
It's been forever since I have written a blog post for Severed Genesis, but things have been so busy since this past May. Since that time, the concept of the Elder World has started to take shape. One of the main features of the Elder World has always been what I call "the Edge" ...literally, the edge of the…

Elves, dwarves and dinokin, oh my!

Posted by Bob on May 16, 2012
Like most fantasy settings, humans, elves and dwarves will play a huge role in the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for other races. On the remote island continent of Taloctolan, a whole slew of unique races exist known as the dinokin. The dinokin represent…

Putting the Elders into the Elder World

Posted by Bob on April 30, 2012
One of the most important aspects of the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting is the existance of elders. These powerful beings are the heralds, harbingers, prophets and champions of the gods. Through the divine will of the gods, elders have been imbued with the innate understanding of essence and have learned to…

Naming a New Monster is a Lot of Work

Posted by Bob on March 20, 2012
Earlier today, fellow game designer Kevin Wicker and myself got into a lengthy discussion about what to name one of our new monsters for the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting. While most of the monster's technical information is pretty straight forward, the name became a sticking point. The creature is a tiny…

A Big Welcome to Monika Szewczyk!

Posted by admin on March 19, 2012
We are pleased to announce that we have officially welcomed Monika Szewczyk as our artist for Severed Genesis! Monika will be lending her broad range of artistic talents to the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting and will help us bring the Elder World Alwa to life. She's already created the imagery for several…

In the Beginning

Posted by Bob on March 14, 2012
Over the last several years, I've experienced less than a handful of tabletop roleplaying genres: Dungeons & Dragons, Mutants & Masterminds and most recently the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, to name a few. However, one thing was very clear to me - I wanted to create my own world, develop my own…

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