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Elves, dwarves and dinokin, oh my!

Posted by Bob on May 16, 2012

DinokinLike most fantasy settings, humans, elves and dwarves will play a huge role in the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't room for other races. On the remote island continent of Taloctolan, a whole slew of unique races exist known as the dinokin.

The dinokin represent several groups of dinosaur-like humanoids on Taloctolan. The lizardfolk found on the other continents are close cousins of the dinokin and are thought to be descended from these ancient races.

The continent of Taloctolan is a savage place filled with dinosaurs and huge monsters. Some dinokin have adapted to their surroundings by building walled cities and establishing fortified encampments. Most of the flying dinokin races prefer to live in remote cave dwellings protected by steep cliffs.

Even though many other humanoid races consider the dinokin as "uncivilized," the dinokin are actually comprised of several highly cultured societies. They have their own style of architecture, worship their own gods, and have a highly flavorful cuisine. There are even some reports that certain dinokin cities rival even the most illustrious cities of the old Nurion Empire.

Most of the dinokin races prefer to remain isolated from other humanoids. In recent years, a whole trade has erupted in which large and monstrous creatures are procured from Taloctolan for use in wartime efforts, as beasts of burden or as general oddities for zoos. This trade is considered highly dangerous, albeit extremely profitable. It is not unheard of for explorers to "go missing" while visiting Taloctolan. Whether this is due to the dinokin themselves or the monstrous beasts that inhabit the continent is still unclear.


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