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The Gods

Posted by Bob on February 4, 2013

Evil GodOne common thread shared by all of the gods is that they are trapped on the world of Alwa after the cataclysmic event known as the Severing. Unlike other campaign settings, in Severed Genesis, the gods (and mortals, for that matter) have truly been severed from the outer planes. They have been forced to reside here through the treachery of Ghulmotus, the ignoble deceiver of the gods.

The gods of the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting are divided into several groups. Originally, we had more than three dozen gods in a single pantheon. We detailed all of the gods, gave them portfolios, domains, favored weapons, holy symbols and more. We also gave them interesting backstories and showed their relationships with the other gods.

Eventually, we decided to take a page from our own mythological past and break the gods down into several smaller pantheons. Whether or not you are a fan of Greek, Norse or Aztec mythology, you should be able to find a pantheon to suit your roleplaying style. While it is certainly possible to find worshippers of a particular god or pantheon anywhere on the world of Alwa, the pantheons are strongest in certain geographical areas.

While the gods may no longer live in the outer planes, most of them do live in divine realms. You must remember that they are still gods and have power beyond the reckoning of the mortal mind. They have crafted and shaped these realms to fit their desires. When you think about a divine realm, you should imagine Mount Olympus, Shangri-La, Asgard or Hades - barely accessible to only the most stalwart of adventurers.

By coming up with a campaign setting that uses multiple pantheons, we've created a unique scenario in which small groups of gods may work together towards a common goal. This often puts them at odds with other pantheons who may have similar goals, but differing opinions on how to achieve those goals. I want to avoid labeling a pantheon as good or evil, since it is certainly possible that an evil god could be in the same pantheon as a good one.

It also leaves plenty of room for internal pantheon politics. Even though several gods may be gathered into a group, they do not necessarily all have to get along. The system we crafted also leaves plenty of room or independent or "lone wolf" gods who are not necessarily part of a pantheon. These gods are usually minor deities in a very small region of Alwa or those who have a limited portfolio. Their goals and ambitions are varied.

The Severing was a terrible and troubling time for the gods. Many gods died in the event and several sacrificed themselves so that others may live. The gods of Alwa have suffered as much, if not more, than the mortal beings that inhabit the desolate planet. In some regards, they may have lost their fight against Ghulmotus. But then again, you may never know.

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Bob Barcus

Bob Barcus has been playing tabletop RPGs since 2004. He started off playing Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and progressed through a whole slew of other RPGs until finally finding the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. He is the owner of Apheus Solutions, LLC, which is the publisher of the Severed Genesis Campagin Setting. He is also a recovering World of Warcraft player, where he preferred to play undead warlocks. He occassionally plays Magic: The Gathering, choosing to play his vampire deck whenever possible. Bob enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He is an avid railfan, although he would never consider himself a "foamer."

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