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Introducing Players to Severed Genesis

Posted by Bob on February 23, 2013

We introduced two groups of players to the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting this past week. We figured that the best way to introduce the setting was with a game, so myself and our friend Hermon decided to tell two different stories. This will give us an opportunity to introduce several new monsters (and playtest them in a real-world scenario).

We had two groups of players - Hermon took the the more experienced group while I took the "noobs". I didn't mind, since I'm so rusty at storytelling, I'm hoping that they wouldn't notice my own failings. I messed up a couple of times on the game mechanics of swarms, but it was still fun and I didn't kill any of the PCs. Apparently, I have a reputation for doing that.

One of the new creatures we created for Severed Genesis was the Venomusk. In developing the story for the adventure path, we inadvertently created another monster called a Venomusk swarm. These are smaller grub-like versions of the adult that burst out of the host body. While exploring a dungeon, one of the players poked a dead body, unleasing the Venomusk swarm. Chaos ensued and I actually dropped one of the characters (the cleric) into negative hit points. About that same time, the PCs rolls started to really suck - I almost got the opportunity to maintain for unseemly reputation for killing PCs.

I was very impressed with the imagination of the players. It was quite refreshing to tell a story to a group of noobie players. They were excited to play and I was excited to be telling a story again.

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