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Putting the Elders into the Elder World

Posted by Bob on April 30, 2012

One of the most important aspects of the Severed Genesis Campaign Setting is the existance of elders. These powerful beings are the heralds, harbingers, prophets and champions of the gods. Through the divine will of the gods, elders have been imbued with the innate understanding of essence and have learned to harness its raw power.

After the Sundering, elders played a key role in re-establishing the various civilizations of the Elder World. Through their guidance, the many races and cultures of Elder World took shape and a semblance of normalcy began to unfold across the landscape. While most elders refused to be venerated as saviors of their people, some took on more direct roles as the first kings of the land, with some even claiming divine rights and demanding worship. 

Elder Abilities

We're still working on their core abilities that will be assigned to the elders, but rest assured, even a 10th level fighter would not want to tangle with an elder alone. When a character or NPC attains the elder template, she will have the choice of a multitude of special abilities. In this way, no two elders will ever be alike.

Elders are not immortal, although they can be extremely long-lived for members of their race and are extremely difficult to kill. Elders may have the ability to extend their natural lives by just a few years or many centuries. Choice, circumstance and personal belief usually determine the lifespan of an elder.

Elders are generally regarded as being extremely wise individuals. Their long lives can sometimes contribute to this fact. They have an inherent understanding of the world around them, particularly when dealing with essence, the life force that infuses all living things. Since they owe their existence to essence, it stands to reason that they would understand its inner workings relatively well and have a greater ability to control it than non-elders.

Elders in the World

In the Severed Genesis Campgain Setting's current time frame, elders are viewed differently from one culture to another. Some cultures venerate the elders as divine beings, while others completely deny their existence. Others treat elders with great suspicion and some even have elite "task forces" to hunt down and destroy the elders – viewing them as unwelcome holdovers from a turbulent era. When published, each geographic entry in the Severed Genesis book will list how the locals feel about elders.

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