Status: Dead
Pantheon: None
Holy Symbol: Skull
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Death, Trickery, Rune
Favored Weapon: Moringstar

Ghulmotus was the deceiver of the gods and the originator of the dark art of necromancy. Undead exist because he immersed himself in this vile practice in order to achieve his sinister goals.

A powerful student under the unwatchful eye of Balsnoth, he rose to power quickly, gaining his own immortality in the process. Through his corrupt manipulation of the very essence of life, his power rivaled that of any god. Like a plague, his foul religion spread across the world of Alwa, gained millions of followers and threatened the very existence of the gods. But in the end, all were deceived.

No one really knows what happened to Ghulmotus after the Severing. The gods were either successful in destroying him or he somehow slipped away. The ambiguity of his demise has lead to many theological and scholarly discussions.

While Ghulmotus still has many worshippers on Alwa, he is considered a dead god in all respects. His cults are scattered throughout the lands, either hastening his return or fulfilling their master's wishes.

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